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AutoGuide.com Exalts the Fun, Feature-Rich 2017 Ford Fusion

If the search for your next daily driver has led you to the midsize sedan segment, we here at McLarty Ford feel you should make a point to try ours -- the 2017 Fusion -- on for size.

Wondering why that is?

Then, click "play" on the clip below. Here now to highlight the Fusion's best qualities is AutoGuide.com Managing Editor Jodi Lai:

If high-octane performance is a priority, then look no further than the Fusion's top-tier engine, a turbocharged 2.7-liter V6.

Available exclusively on the V6 Sport trim, this turbo-V6 makes a massive 325 horsepower and 380…

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The 2018 Ford F-150: A Step Toward Fuel Efficiency

When you buy a truck, you're usually not thinking too much about things like fuel efficiency. You have more important things to worry about, like horsepower and torque. It's a nice surprise, in turn, when you come across a truck that offers options to make the pump less painful.

The 2018 Ford F-150 has two engine choices aimed at providing prospective drivers a more efficient ride. Its 3.3-liter V6, for instance, has been rated for 19/25/22MPG. Its 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 is capable of 20/22/26 MPG.

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What Makes the 2017 Ford Focus RS a Hot Hatchback Standout?

Might you be in the market for a high-performance hatchback? Well, if so, we here at McLarty Ford think you may well match up rather nicely with ours, the 2017 Focus RS.

How come?

Here now to offer up an explanation is AutoGuide.com Road Test Editor Dan Ilika; check out his evaluation of the Focus RS in the clip below:

Exquisitely appointed, the sole trim level of the Focus RS leaves little (if anything) to be desired.

Standard features include 19-inch alloy wheels, summer tires, performance brakes, adjustable suspension settings, automatic xenon headlights, foglamps, integrated blind- ...

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Feel Better About Letting Your Kids Take the Wheel of a Ford Fusion

With another school year creeping up over the horizon, you might be thinking about the types of cars that you could let your teenagers drive while still retaining your ability to sleep at night.

That's where the 2017 Ford Fusion steps in.

This handsome midsize family sedan earned high marks on its safety report card, making it an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK when equipped with an optional forward collision prevention system.

These are some of the Fusion's other available safety features to help drivers avoid accidents:

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Protecting Your Wheels with Splash Guards

When you think about your daily commute, how many terrains do you come in contact with? In other words, do you come across rocks, or dirt, or water, or any other elements during your morning travels? If you do, then your tires may get worn out more quickly if you do not have some sort of protection for them.

As this video helps explain, having splash guards for your tires can help extend their longevity. When your vehicles last longer, you are able to travel further without having to worry about visiting the service center for assistance.

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Hitting the Open Road

Woo Hoo! You are ready for a road trip. You have the destination all picked out, hotel is booked, meals planned, and an adventurous itinerary. You have worked hard for this trip, you need it, you have earned it. You ready for fun and relaxation. Now you can shop for the perfect clothing and pack it!

So, you think you are ready? Well slow down a bit. When was the last time you had your car checked out? Nothing worse than breaking down, having to put out vacation money for repairs. You need to set up an appointment at your…
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Signs You Need to Have Your Car Battery Inspected

The battery in your car is running a number of things you may not even be aware. From the stereo, navigation system, instrument panel, and charging stations, your battery gets a real workout each time you drive. To ensure it is working properly, look for these car battery warning signs:
  • The headlights appear dim when you first start the car in the morning and do not get brighter for some time when driving.
  • The car horn sounds much weaker than you remember it sounding.
  • On the instrument panel, the check-engine light is flashing or stays lit all the time.
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Life Is A Curve-Ball Just Waiting To Happen

Being over prepared could be looked at as being silly, or stupid. The people that make those statements or assumptions, however, may be the ones that wish they had actually prepared themselves. Life is a curve-ball just waiting to happen. You never actually know from day to day what will actually happen. The car that has always been good to you could actually have major mechanical trouble in the middle of nowhere! If this was to happen, you could essentially be out of luck, if you didn't have a roadside emergency kit! A roadside emergency kit could have the…
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Tips to boost your fuel economy

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for gas, so to keep your costs as low as possible, you need to actively try to improve your car's fuel economy. Here are some tips that can help you do that.
  • Be a smooth driver. Accelerating and braking slowly rather than speeding up rapidly and waiting till the last minute to stop can help save gas.
  • Use your cruise. When you are on the highway, use your cruise control, which uses less gas.
  • Keep your car maintained. Getting scheduled oil changes and tuneups and keeping your tires properly inflated…
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